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Imhotep Scientific … Our Knowledge Guarantees a Healthy Life

Imhotep Scientific is founded to help patients know more about their bodies, facilitate the innovation of suitable treatments, and provide labs with precise diagnostic kits. We mainly consist of five platforms; clinical lab, genetic lab, genetic counseling, diagnosis kits, and antibody production.

We’re looking forward to developing a new future with better human health.

More than 25 years of experience in providing analytical and applied medical science.

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Our Vision Is a Guide to Medical Evolution

Looking for global demands requires caring about the global development the medical scene witnesses. That’s why we always seek to strengthen our international channels and relations that help us to be a step ahead of other scientific organizations. We aim to become a major factor that developing a better health environment that can face any upcoming threats and contribute to any rising opportunity.

Our Tests

A High-Rank Medical Organization Requires Trusted Partners

As we believe that success can not be achieved alone, we nurture our relationships with other reputable bodies. Future Lab is the first partner and is considered a prime supporter of Imhotep Scientific. We always look for successful partners to be part of our achievements.

Why Choose Imhotep Scientific?


Precision and credibility are the foundation of our medical labs and instruments. An accurate analysis leads to the right medication.

Expertise and Innovation

We have a team of highly trained, innovative, and trustworthy experts. Contributing in finding the cure is part of our main role.

Rapid Turnaround

Test results will be delivered as soon as they're ready, digitally and without the slightest delay, accompanied by paper forms.


Our staff is trained to draw blood samples and provide sample pick-up from home or the workplace if required.

Delivering a Spectrum Range of Services
That Maintain Health

In Imhotep Scientific, you will find the most common tests in addition to complex and scarce ones. Not only test results are delivered, but also antibodies for research purposes.


 Cost-Effective Services

Spending on healthcare can be a massive burden. That’s why we provide high-quality services at affordable prices.

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Wholesome Follow-ups

We consider every patient a family member that we support and deliver the counseling and support they need in their treatment journey.

Doctor and Patient

Satisfied Patients and Partners

Being knowledgeable and accurate is a core factor in medicine. However, when our patients and partners deal with us, they try a new level of hospitality and professional respect.

We Provide Our Services to Individuals and Entities

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of numerous healthcare facilities and private sector agencies in addition to serving examinees and physicians, who are the primary beneficiaries of our services. 

 For Individuals

In Future Imhotep Labs, all of our services, from clinical analysis to genetic testing and counseling, are available to all individuals. They will also get access to our digital services for delivering integrated support and effective follow-up.

For Doctors

Working side-to-side with doctors to provide patients with optimum service is the major scope of work. We also help doctors in their research and analytical studies. Undoubtedly, our test results clarify the suitable treatment methods.

For Facilities and Businesses

We are always happy to collaborate with enterprises by offering them special packages that are designed based on their needs. We deliver our services to public sector facilities like syndicates as well as private sector enterprises. We are always pleased and ready to collaborate with research and medical centers. 

Imhotep Scientific Is a Trust Point for Numerous Bodies and Syndicates

Do You Require More Knowledge About Our Services?

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