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Medical Diagnostic Lab Worth Your Trust for Clinical Analysis

To help doctors manage patients' health effectively, our clinical lab performs quantitative, customized analyses. Our lab provides referring doctors and patients with a broad range of high-quality testing and a rapid turnaround time. 

We Deliver Effective Standard Clinical Pathology Services

Our clinical analysis services play an important role in the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. We perform a comprehensive selection of diagnostic laboratory tests in our specialized units.


Hematology and

Coagulation Unit

Clinical Microbiology and Parasitology Unit

Hormone Unit

Serology and

Immunology Unit

General Clinical

Chemistry Unit

At Our Lab, Reliability and Credibility Are Our Core Values

Accuracy and quality are common values that accompany our analysis services. We provide reliable, credible results for risk assessment, diagnosis, follow-up, and therapy monitoring.

We Adopt Advanced Techniques That Seek Integrity

Our clinical lab uses various techniques for testing. Automated, high-volume, fast analyzers are continuously operated with quick turnaround times. This provides a solid basis for accurate outcomes.

Every Diagnostic Profile Is Clear Proof of Our Proficiency

Our medical diagnostic lab is a medical analyst that leads you to transparent results. We set up a suitable place for you where you can monitor your health. Whether you’re a male or female, young or old, we deliver the diagnostic profile you need. 

Men’s Health Is Always in Safe Hands With Precise Tests

Offering tailored, state-of-the-art laboratory testing based on your male needs and health goals is a major service at the medical diagnostic lab. Screening your health and doing the required check-up will lead to maintaining strength for a good living to work, learn, and enjoy.


Male Check-Up Profiles

Better health requires periodic check-up profiles. They may discover early diseases before severe complications and high risks.


Male Tumor Markers

Inspections of specific body parts and cells can protect you from cancer. Tumors can be detected earlier with regular checks.

Checking Weight_edited.jpg

Male Rapid Weight Loss

Through testing, you can assess the functioning of many body mechanisms. It also detects imbalances in the thyroid or hormones.

Clinical Analysis Is a Crucial Step in Women’s Health Caring

A busy life can lead to insufficient care for a woman's health. Essential diagnostic tests will help you keep an eye on your health to guarantee a healthy life that sustains this busy life to continue. The analysis is a priority that could explore problems before they create a disturbance.

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Female Check-Up Profiles

A check-up helps you become more proactive to low symptoms that could be unnoticed. In case you’re on a treatment, it also helps you check its efficiency.


Female Tumor Markers

This diagnosis guides the doctors to the most suitable treatment. Tumor Markers also help you forecast the response of a tumor to treatment or prognosis.

On the Scales

Female Rapid Weight Loss

A rapid weight loss test helps you discover the causes. It might be a result of a lack of red blood cells, hyperthyroidism, an endocrine disorder, or others.

Medical Diagnostic Lab Offers Diagnosis Analysis to All Ages

Examining body fluids, cells, and tissues is not bound by an age group or gender. At our medical diagnostic lab, we deliver the diagnosis profiles that help patients along their treatment journeys, check general health, and predict any possible diseases. Testing is a crucial method that screens for any disorders in newborns, children, adults, middle-aged, and old people.

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Above 40 Screening Profile

Middle age is a serious period where lots of diseases may develop to vigorously appear in older age. Keep checking your health regularly to nip issues in the bud if they arise and take prophylactic measures.

Examining a Child

Children Check-Up Profile

Children's Check-ups discover infections early. They also determine if your child is exposed to certain conditions or suffers from illnesses. They also detect blood levels and abnormalities in blood cells.


Neonatal Screening

Screening newborns protects them from dangers like brain damage, organ damage, and even death. It also discovers any disorders that could affect their lives. This includes blood, hearing, and heart screening

One of the First Labs That Adopted COVID-19 Screening

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), rapid tests, and more screening tests for COVID-19 are available at our medical diagnostic lab. The pandemic is the challenge that the lab has to face and interact with to contribute to a healthy society free of viruses and pandemics.

Analysis Helps You Set Healthy Nutrition to Avoid Overweight

Weight could be the most important factor in one’s health. Our lab tests examine to what extent your weight has affected your health. We also check if weight is one of the major causes or results of an idle disease. We analyze the risk factors for maintaining healthy nutrition, a suitable weight, and a happy life.

Test How Good Your Health Is for Marriage and Pregnancy

Marriage could be a crucial life decision. Building a family requires ensuring it’d be in its total health. This needs from any couple to have suitable tests to avoid infecting any disease to each other and their children. We also develop tests that confirm pregnancy, check its status, and maintain it. Analyzing the reasons for recurrent miscarriage is part of our mission as well.

We Offer Multi-Functional Diagnostic Tests for Every Case

Checking different body functions should be supported by accurate measurements. Our lab tests cover the efficiency of your body organs. How well do your liver's enzymes excrete? Does the kidney filter the body from its toxins? Is your body ready for the necessary upcoming surgery? We can answer all these questions and more.

Cardiac blood Tests Forecast Issues Your Heart May Face

Everybody is at risk of having a heart attack. Periodic cardiac blood tests can identify the problems before they worsen in order to prevent this unwelcome accident. As people get older, the likelihood of developing heart and blood vessel conditions increases.



Risk Profile

You run the risk of cardiovascular disease if you have a long family history of heart attacks, deal with a lot of stress, have high cholesterol, and more. So, it’s safer to check.


Thrombophilia Screening Profile

Heart attacks could be a result of blood clotting. This screening profile is used to confirm a diagnosis of thrombophilia. The concentration of certain proteins detects it.


Follow Up for Hypertensive Patients

Patients with high blood pressure, or hypertension, might suffer from complications like stroke, heart failure, a heart attack, and more. This follow-up succeeds in avoiding them.

Our Clinical Testing Contributes to Solving Chronic Issues

Early detection and intervention can save money and lives. Suffering from chronic headaches, fatigue, or even excessive hair loss might be an indication of a more serious issue. Your body always sends signals that help you protect your health and keep it safe. We can analyze these signals.


Screening for Chronic Headache

A chronic headache might affect your work, and interfere with your relationships and your quality of life. Our Lab tests help you put an end to this struggle.

 Young Woman Contemplating

Chronic Fatigue

Anemia, diabetes, and hypothyroidism are three conditions that all have fatigue as a common symptom. Blood tests can check for signs of some top suspects.


Excessive Hair Loss

There are a few diagnostic procedures that can be carried out to determine the true cause of hair loss in women. Usually, it is a sign of other bodily disorders.

No More Bone Complaints, the Right Analysis Leads to Remedy

As you grow older, bone strength can also be weakened by health conditions. As bones contain proteins that we can analyze, we develop blood tests that scan for bone issues that could be a side effect of the unhealthy bone metabolism in your body.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Bone Aches

Our lab tests contribute to determining the cause of unexplained bone pain. A bone profile blood test is concerned with phosphate, calcium, serum albumin, and alkaline phosphatase.

Joint Pain

Recurrent Joint Pain

Rheumatoid Arthritis mainly attacks joints causing pain. We have 6 blood tests that are done for joint pain; C-reactive protein, full blood count, antinuclear antibody, etc.



Bone turnover marker testing is one of the major diagnostic profiles. It monitors osteoporosis and the health of your bones. These measures bone ALP or BALP, and vitamin D levels.

Testing Athletes and Employees Is a Way to Know Their Habits.

Being qualified for a tournament or job in terms of skills is not enough. The facility that you’re applying to should check that your health characteristics fit their specifications. It’s prohibited for an athlete to take anabolic steroids, so you have to prove through examination that you aren’t on these substances. Many occupations now request drug testing.


Athletes' Profile

Through a complete blood picture, endurance training, nutrition, muscle status, and other characteristics are all measured. Also, we deliver blood biomarker testing.

Fight global youth unemployment by reducing the minimum age of professional drivers.jpg

Drivers Profile

Many road accidents occur because a driver is under the influence of drugs. Our Lab provides the driver's profile in order to check blood and search for drug trails.


Food Handler Profile

Hepatitis A, Syphilis, Salmonella, E. coli, and parasites can all be transmitted by food handlers. That’s why it’s important to screen them accurately for food safety. 


House Workers Profile

Developing profiles for house workers is a way to check their ethics. By applying it you can know, as an employer, if they meet the house, hotel, or resort culture.

You Need a Lab to Trust for Clinical Analysis

By ensuring high regard and safety, we meet the medical industry's ever-growing diagnostic needs.

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