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Imhotep Scientific Labs commits to making the highest quality clinical and genetic analyses. In addition, we deliver genetic counseling services that are available to everyone.

Leading the Future of Clinical and Genetic Analysis in Egypt

More Than
20 Years

of Making a Difference in Others’ Health

We take great pride in our positive impact on individuals and other healthcare facilities by offering you accurate, useful, and fast diagnostic information. 

Our clinical analysis is the foundation of any medical diagnosis and treatment decision-making. Genetic analysis can aid in the early discovery of disorders by testing genes, chromosomes, and proteins.

Our genetic counseling professionals guide you on whether a genetic test might be suitable for you. We develop counseling sessions based on your personal and family medical history.

Clinical Analysis

Our staff provides support throughout the analysis process; from the receiving request moment to delivering findings. We provide referring doctors and patients with a comprehensive selection of tests and services.

Genetic Analysis

The genetic analysis lab provides cytogenetic and molecular diagnostic tests utilizing the most advanced techniques in Egypt. Our results are conclusive and precise, as testing is done under strict conditions.

Genetic Counseling

Our genetic consultants provide detailed advice to doctors, individuals, and families concerned with the risk of hereditary conditions. They'll also assess individuals’ risk for inherited abnormalities, including inherited disorders and birth defects.

Imhotep Scientific Labs, ISO Certified Medical Laboratories

For the high-quality management system it has implemented, Imhotep Scientific Labs received the ISO 9001: 2015 certified by AFNOR, accredited by COFRAC French Accreditation Committee. In order to ensure quality, our lab has been enrolled with a third-party proficiency testing provider. 

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