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Imhotep Scientific Offers the State-Of-The-Art Genetics Services

Human genetics is regarded as an interdisciplinary specialty that bridges the gap between the right diagnosis and ultimate therapy in what is called “personalized medicine.” With ever-increasing rapidity, the genetic basis of more diseases can be explained, and this has led to interchanges with practically all branches of medicine. The growing need for professional diagnostic services in the field of medical genetics resulted in the establishment of a genetic lab as part of Imhotep Scientific.

Your DNA May Answer Your Health Questions

Imhotep Genetics provides a wide scope of genetic testing in Molecular Genetics, Cytogenetics, Molecular Cytogenetics, and Biochemical Genetics. We are able to guarantee the accuracy of the results because all tests are carried out using cutting-edge techniques and analyzed by our knowledgeable specialists.


Diagnostic Testing 

Find a Diagnosis or Determine Whether a Condition Is Hereditary to Determine the Best Course of Action

To determine if a genetic disorder is the cause of infection by a disease, we develop genetic tests to explore the mutated genes. Diagnostic genetic tests are approached differently depending on your medical and family history.

Genome Sequencing 

Identify the Gene Responsible for the Disease Through Observation

We offer genome sequencing when genetic testing doesn’t lead to a clear diagnosis, but there’s still a suspicion related to a genetic cause. It characterizes the mutations that drive cancer progression and tracks disease outbreaks.


Prenatal Testing

Discover Whether Your Baby Has Certain Birth Defects or Not Before Being Born

Abnormalities related to your fetus can be easily detected through parental genetic testing. A cell-free DNA sample of the mother’s blood can be screened to detect disorders such as Down syndrome and trisomy 18 syndromes. 

With the Help of Genetics, Traditional Health Care Is Upgraded

We help our patients take a step earlier toward any decision related to their health. The genetic tests provide them with the information they need to find the best treatments for them. Through pregnancy and premarital testing, we deliver the tests that may discover miscarriage and infertility risks. This occurs by applying the advanced, rapid technologies of next-generation sequencing (NGS).

Waiting Room
Online Medical Consultant

Reproductive Health

Identify the causes of infertility and the diseases that might be transmitted to offspring. We help families to diminish the risk of miscarriages. 

Modern Doctors

Proactive Health

Learn how your genes may affect your health. No more delayed or incorrect diagnosis as we help you know what you should take care of in advance.

Select the Genetic Test That Guarantees a Healthier Life

Your family deserves a customized healthcare plan based on their genes. Imhotep Scientific develops genetic tests that reveal facts to protect you and your loved ones from danger. We help you be more certain with every health related decision.

Science Lab

A Highly Skilled Team of Experts Is Always Ready to Help

We believe that our professionals and doctors have excelled in the genetics field for many reasons. Their strong academic background has made them one of the first-rate local experts. As we have an international network, our team is always updated with new technologies, techniques, and research papers published by widely reputed organizations.

If You Need Any Advice Related to Your Next Genetic Testing, Our Counselors Can Be Your Trusted Personal Guides

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