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Our Genetic Counseling Guide You to the Significant Testing

Before determining the genetic tests that will tell you more about your genes. Our genetic counselors examine your physical characteristics. In addition, they review your personal medical history and family health history to finally indicate beneficial genetic laboratory tests.

Imhotep Scientific 

Perfectly Manages

Pregnancy Plans

Our professional genetic counsels help you determine the genetic factors that affect your capability of being pregnant. In addition to the factors that could affect your baby during infancy.

Cares About

Your Newborns

Through genetic counseling, we can address the concerns related to any genetic disorder. As we scan the symptoms and the signs that show a state of illness, to discover birth defects earlier. 

Helps You Take Control

of Your Health

Genetic counseling is a perfect reference for all adult illness specialties. This does not only do esoteric diseases such as cardiovascular disease, tumors, and cancers exist, but so do psychiatric disorders.

Manage Your Health as You Wish Based on Science and Experience

Our genetic counselors review your family's health history. They discuss with you the risks that you may inherit and assess them. In addition to health screening and managing it. After the counseling session(s), you will understand the inherited basis for certain health conditions your family suffers from.


Hereditary Cancer Counseling

Studying your family’s history with cancer lets us know to what extent you're exposed to cancer. The counseling not only forecasts the disease, but it also helps in managing it as well.


Premarital & Pregnancy Counseling

To eliminate the incidence of genetic disorders and sexually transmitted diseases in children, genetic counseling is a must. You now make sound decisions about marriage and reproduction. 


Monogenic Obesity & Diabetes

Genetic counseling for diabetes leads to less inclusive and more effective treatment. It also guides to the mutation in the single gene that is sufficient to cause the monogenic diabetes.

Understand How Genetic Disorders Run in Your Family

Any concerns related to your health or the health of your family based on a history of hereditary diseases are clarified with the help of our genetic counselors. It can be complex to decide whether you should have genetic testing to find out more about your hereditary disease risk; however, the genetic counselor will guide you.


Hereditary Neurodegenerative Disorders

For predictive purposes, genetic counseling guides you to what extent you’re exposed to  Huntington's, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's diseases.


Hereditary Cardiac Disorders

Cardiovascular genetic counseling became a crucial part of cardiology care. Inherited heart diseases are explained to your family members.



Knowing about your family health history of ASD can help your counselor better care for your child. Most children with ASD have a genetic cause.

Begin Your Medical Journey and Meet Your Genetics Counselor

Genetic counselors advise you on which genetic tests are appropriate for you. They also help you interpret the results of tests to make decisions about your health and how to best care for yourself. Genetic counselors can also lead you to better diagnostic and treatment options.

Pediatric Genetics-1535094686086.jpg

Pediatric Genetics

Childhood genetic disorders and syndromes may appear just after birth or when children are nearly adults. We help you discover every possibility and deal with it early. 



Visiting our genetic counselors is preferable when some kind of cancer run in your family. To access health history, medical records or pathology reports are requested.


Reproductive Genetics

Genetic counselors help couples understand the results that could accompany their attempt of having children. Couples will be more aware of the genetic screening options.

Your Brain, Nerves, and Immunity Are Kept Safe With Our Help

Muscle and immunity conditions might have genetic reasons. That’s why our genetic counselors will lead you to the best practices that protect you from movement, memory, strength, or coordination problems. No more concerns about the future risk of developing a neurological disorder.


Is It Important to Consider Genetic Counseling?

As superior genetic consultants, our genetic lab experts always recommend genetic observation. If an individual has a family history of suspected inherited disease, is planning a marriage, or is afraid of developing a late-onset genetic disease. This service will assist in understanding genetic disorders and mutations, its causes, and the likelihood of having a child with a medical condition. 

After Having a Genetic Counseling Session, Ready

to Have the Testing?

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